Motorola edge⁺


evice memory capacity options:

  • 256 GB
What is device memory capacity?

The device’s memory capacity determines how much data it can hold. The bigger the memory, the more data it will be able to store.

What is data?

Data is everything your phone needs to download and store in order for you to be able to consume it. Think of it as individual bits of information that take a certain amount of space on your device. It can be in the form of music, videos, images or text just to name a few.

How much memory do I need?

Have a look at the data usage examples to help determine the amount of memory you’ll need.


  • Edge-to-edge entertainment, at its best with the 6.7” OLED display.
  • A long-lasting battery that charges quickly
  • Get access to Canada’s largest 5G network with this 5G-capable device


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