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Put yourself in your story

To pursue your purpose, you must do things out of make those changes. But know this: though not everything that we face can be changed, nothing can be changed until we face it. I realized that to pursue my purpose, I must also take action. Being passive may feel safe. If I do nothing, nothing can go wrong. But while inaction cannot fail, it cannot succeed either. We can wait, and hope, and wish, but if we do, we miss the stories our lives could be.

I cannot allow our fears and questions to keep me from seeking my purpose. Are you tempted to wait until an ideal time? Do you worry that if you start on this journey without knowing exactly where it will go you might not do well? Are you concerned that you might fail? Let me help you by telling you something you need to know.

You won’t do well the first time you do anything. You don’t know what you’re doing when you start. Nobody is good at the beginning of doing something new. Get over it. If you want to live a life that matters, don’t start when you get good; start now so you become good. Everyone starts out bad, regardless of what they’re practicing for. We start so we can improve. We start before we’re ready because we need and want to get better.

The idea is to deliver our best each time we try until one day, we become good. And then one day, we may even have a chance to be great. That’s growth. But we can’t evolve if we don’t start. Your story won’t be perfect. A lot of things will change. But your heart will sing. It will sing the song of significance. It will sing, “I am making a difference!” And that will give you satisfaction down to the soul level. I’ll show you how to tap into your purpose in the next chapter.

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